Heather Barrigan

Osime Brown

The Story Of Osime Brown

Osime Brown, the 22-year old Jamaican-born UK resident, is at the centre of an ongoing dispute regarding unjust deportation. Despite being classified as a vulnerable adult with severe autism, the Home Office plans to send Mr Brown to Jamaica on his...

Yarl's Wood detention centre

Home Office Scraps Yarl’s Wood Asylum Accommodation Expansion

On the 9th of February, the Home Office announced its decision to abandon expansion plans for Yarl’s Wood asylum accommodation on the immigration detention centre site.  In a message to Yarl’s wood consultants, Deborah Chitten, the Home Office’s...

myanmar protest

Myanmar Nationals Protest Against Military Coup

On the 1st of February, the military once again took control of Myanmar, declaring a year-long ‘state of emergency’ and detaining high-profile political figures, leaving citizens fearful of going ‘back to the dark age’. The...