Holly Barrow

Holly is a recent English literature graduate and socialist who spends the majority of her spare time reading. She enjoys writing on all things politics & culture.

priti patel spending

Home Office Expenses Raise Questions

Last week, the Home Office found itself at the centre of scrutiny as a number of unusual expenses drew public attention. The department’s 2020 procurement card spending left many baffled as it became clear that extortionate payments had been...

international womens day

International Women’s Day & Intersectionality

Each year, when the 8th March approaches and International Women’s Day celebrations begin, the same tired arguments ripple across certain corners of social media. It has almost become a modern tradition to see the familiar cry of: “What about...

art social justice museum

The Relationship Between Art and Social Justice

For as long as humans have created it, art has not only served to reflect the world around us, it has also engaged with and challenged social issues. Artists frequently use their medium to interact with the very systems that we live under, urging us...

refugee and migrant rights in fashion

Fashion Brands Championing Migrants’ Rights

By now, it is no secret that the fashion industry has a huge problem with exploitation. Fast fashion in particular has played a damning role in perpetuating modern slavery, with low-paid garment workers often enduring sweatshop conditions. While...

biden trump US immigration policy

US Immigration Policy: The Past, Present & Future

In November – after a gruelling wait while remaining mail-in ballots were counted – Joe Biden was declared President-elect of the US, signalling the start of a new administration in America and the end of Trump’s presidency. Political...