Holly Barrow

Holly is a recent English literature graduate and socialist who spends the majority of her spare time reading. She enjoys writing on all things politics & culture.

UK government response to coronavirus

The Politics of Pandemics

In the midst of a pandemic, the importance of strong leadership truly hits home. It shouldn’t take such horrific circumstances for this to be the case but, for many people, life tends to crawl on in its typical fashion no matter which Prime...

university strikes hostile environment

University Strikes and the Hostile Environment

As UCU (University and College Union) members initiated the UK’s biggest ever (ongoing) university strikes last month, staff and students alike have expressed frustration regarding both the portrayal of and attitudes towards strike action. In recent...

austerity causes health inequalities

Austerity Stalls Life Expectancy for First Time in 100 Years

A landmark review by Professor Michael Marmot reveals that a decade of austerity has aggravated health inequalities, leading to life expectancy stalling for the first time in a century – and even reversing for the most deprived women. In 2010...

BBC Brexit Bulldog tweet backlash

BBC Backlash Over ‘Brexit Bulldog’ Tweet

It’s Tuesday 28th January, at exactly 8:56am, when a member of BBC London’s social media team makes the questionable decision to tweet the following: BBC London ask for Brexit-related queries to be directed to ‘Brexit...

climate refugees UN decision

Climate Refugees Acknowledged in UN Decision

In a landmark decision, the UN Human Rights Committee has found it unlawful to return refugees to their countries of origin where their lives would be at risk due to the climate. This comes as the global climate crisis continues to forcibly displace...