Raoul Walawalker

Raoul is a freelance journalist with an interest in people, social affairs, law, identity, culture, and history.

Men waiting to be put on a deportation flight

Home Office Considers Cutting Jail Term Needed for Deportation

As 2021 begins, little seems new in terms of the Home Office’s determination to increase its number of deportations. Its latest plan would entail deporting non-UK citizens that have been given a six-month jail sentence. The measure would be a part...

Priti Patel's Home Office lawsuits are accumulating

Home Office Opposed as Lawsuits Accumulate

Home Secretary Priti Patel promised in July to bring a new ‘fair, humane and compassionate’ approach to immigration policy, but many organisations are now dismayed by new rules and outlined plans that indicate her new approach seems to be really...

rough sleeping

Calls Grow to Scrap Plan to Deport Foreign Rough Sleepers

With the days getting colder and damper, it’s the time of year when concerns over rough sleeping intensify among local councils and homelessness charities. But councils and charity groups have also become drawn into a battle with the Home Office...

The Stansted 15

Judgement on Stansted 15 Charges Still Awaited

The case of the Stansted 15 received huge attention a few years ago, partly because of the daring nature of the actions carried out by the group of fifteen activists, but also because of the peculiarity of the charges they received – charges which...