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hate speech

Should the BBC Legitimise Hate Speech?

The BBC is being criticised for “giving racists a platform” after allowing a former National Front candidate to call for “completely” closed borders on its BBC Question Time show.  The audience member went on to claim that the UK has been...

Yarls wood

Why Does Serco Continue to be Forgiven?

Outsourcing firm Serco will take responsibility for two Gatwick immigration removal centres (IRCs), despite being disgraced for their inhumane treatment of migrants worldwide. As of May 21 2020, Serco will be responsible for Brook House and Tinsley...

Andrew Sabinsky

Number 10 Adviser Steps Down After Eugenics Row

Eugenics was supposed to be an ugly part of science that the world condemns. Once embraced by leading – white, western, neurotypical, straight, male – psychologists such as Francis Galton, it provides a foundation for support of fascist ideology...