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Foam soils

Planting Seeds of Hope: Sheffield Uni Aids Syrian Refugees

The University of Sheffield is driving forward a scheme to help displaced Syrian refugees grow food using old mattresses, designed to reduce landfill waste as well as provide fresh food for refugees living in the Jordanian desert. The University’s...

asylum seeking woman

Refugee Women Condemned to Destitution

Women for Refugee Women’s latest report is a devastating analysis of the destitution asylum-seeking and refugee women face in the UK.  Harrowing accounts from 106 asylum-seeking and refugee women across England and Wales detail the misery and...

Parliament Bridge

The Week in Politics | Feb 10th – 13th

Boris Johnson gave the green light to HS2 this week, in spite of growing concerns about the cost of the project. In the other big news this week, despite considerable criticism, 17 foreign nationals with criminal records were deported from the UK...

trump travel ban

Trump’s Travel Ban: 2.0

At the end of January, the Trump administration announced that it would be making an expansion to its current travel ban, to now include six more countries. According to the new ruling, nationals of Nigeria, Eritrea, Sudan, Tanzania, Kyrgyzstan, and...

Families Belong Together

UK Campaigners Fight for the Rights of Child Refugees

Despite the Conservative Government voting down the Dubs amendment, a vital part of the Brexit Withdrawal Bill that looked to protect the rights of child refugees to be united with family in the UK, activists have not given up the fight. The...

Parliament Bridge

The Week in Politics | Feb 3rd – 6th

In this week’s politics round-up we cast our eyes to Midwestern America, where the first U.S. caucus descended into chaos. Climate change was the big topic at Wedensday’s PMQs as Jeremy Corbyn accused Boris Johnson of failing...