Immigration news

fast fashion exploits undocumented migrants

Fast Fashion & Undocumented Migrants

Undocumented migrants face exploitation within fast fashion industry Throughout the course of Covid-19, one industry facing renewed scrutiny is fast-fashion. This is not its first time under an unforgiving spotlight. Fast fashion is largely...

asylum support contracts

New Reports Assess Changes to Asylum Support Contracts

Asylum Support Contracts Examined in Two New Reports On Friday 3 July, Asylum Matters alongside Refugee Action and 40 other refugee support organisations released a report examining the failures of the asylum accommodation and support system. ...

antisemitism in the UK

Rebecca Long-Bailey’s Crime? She Should Have Known Better

Rebecca Long-Bailey has been sacked from the shadow cabinet for sharing an ‘antisemitic conspiracy theory’ on Twitter Staunch left Labour MP and Greater Manchester representative, Rebecca Long-Bailey, was booted from Sir Keir Starmer’s shadow...

climate refugee battling rising sea levels

Climate Emergency: Refugees at Risk

The climate crisis is displacing more people, yet they fail to meet the criteria of a refugee The coronavirus pandemic appears to have taken centre stage in world politics for the time being, but that does not deny the fact that the climate...