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Freelancers Left Out of Immigration Rules

Freelancers hoping to stay in or migrate to the UK are effectively being told not to bother, as the new immigration rules starves them out. The new policy paper, published last week, states: “We will not be creating a dedicated route for self...

Immigration Rural Areas

The New Immigration System Ignores the Needs of Rural Areas

Last Wednesday (19th of February), the government put forward their proposals for a new immigration system. In the words of a Home Office spokesperson, the plans are aimed at bringing in the ‘brightest and best’ from around the globe- a reference to...

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Response to Government Announcement on Immigration

Matthew Davies, partner and Head of Business Immigration at Midlands law firm Wright Hassall, responds to the Government’s announcement of post-Brexit immigration changes which ends free movement and brings EEA nationals within a “new”...

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The EU Settlement Scheme: One Lawyer’s Take

Following the UK’s departure from the European Union, EU nationals living in the UK will have to apply for either Settled Status or Pre-Settled Status before 30 June 2021 if they wish to continue living here after that date. This requirement came as...

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Has Brexit Made Brits “Warmer” to Immigration?

Michael Gove, a long time advocate for the Leave campaign throughout the Brexit debate, has recently claimed that Brexit has made the country more favourable of immigration than previous times, despite mounting evidence to suggest that racism has...

BBC Brexit Bulldog tweet backlash

BBC Backlash Over ‘Brexit Bulldog’ Tweet

It’s Tuesday 28th January, at exactly 8:56am, when a member of BBC London’s social media team makes the questionable decision to tweet the following: BBC London ask for Brexit-related queries to be directed to ‘Brexit...