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boris johnson taken to hospital coronavirus

Boris Johnson Taken to Intensive Care With COVID-19

UK Prime Minister Taken to Hospital With Coronavirus Last night, news broke that the UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson had been taken to intensive care. This came shortly after recent revelations that he, too, had contracted symptoms of COVID-19 and...

UK government response to coronavirus

The Politics of Pandemics

In the midst of a pandemic, the importance of strong leadership truly hits home. It shouldn’t take such horrific circumstances for this to be the case but, for many people, life tends to crawl on in its typical fashion no matter which Prime...

Jeremy Corbyn Boris Johnson General Election 2019 leaders debate

Corbyn v Johnson: 2019 Leaders’ Debate

Last night, the anticipated Leaders’ Debate took place between Conservative Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and Leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, as they went head-to-head in preparation for the 12th December general election. From the NHS to...