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boris johnson taken to hospital coronavirus

Boris Johnson Taken to Intensive Care With COVID-19

UK Prime Minister Taken to Hospital With Coronavirus Last night, news broke that the UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson had been taken to intensive care. This came shortly after recent revelations that he, too, had contracted symptoms of COVID-19 and...

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Solidarity in a Time of Uncertainty: an Italian Narrative

When Coronavirus first hit China at the beginning of the year, many countries in Europe and the stoic United States welcomed the news with a shrug. Nevertheless, the “it’s just like the flu” theory began to show its weaknesses...

airlines hike up flight costs coronavirus british citizens stranded

Coronavirus Leaves British Nationals Stranded Abroad

With 50,000 Britons reportedly stranded in foreign countries amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the UK government has received criticism for its failure to help those affected. Today, Tuesday 31st March, the Foreign Office has announced it will be...