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militarism British army soldier in tank

Close the Barracks, Confront British Militarism

Reports have resurfaced from 2014 concluding Napier barracks ‘did not meet acceptable standards of accommodation’ even then and marked for demolition. Calls to close the barracks housing people seeking asylum on grounds of human rights and public...

myanmar protest

Myanmar Nationals Protest Against Military Coup

On the 1st of February, the military once again took control of Myanmar, declaring a year-long ‘state of emergency’ and detaining high-profile political figures, leaving citizens fearful of going ‘back to the dark age’. The...

British military racism

Hostile Environment in the Military Targets BAME Staff

Official ombudsman for the British armed forces has ruled incidents of racist behaviour is happening with “increasing and depressing frequency” in a damning statement this month. Nicola Williams, the service complaints ombudsman for the armed...