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asylum seeking woman

Refugee Women Condemned to Destitution

Women for Refugee Women’s latest report is a devastating analysis of the destitution asylum-seeking and refugee women face in the UK.  Harrowing accounts from 106 asylum-seeking and refugee women across England and Wales detail the misery and...

period poverty

The Impact of Period Poverty on Refugee Women

Period poverty has been thrust into the cultural spotlight due to heroic campaigners like Amika George calling for a change in the UK. The British government’s new Period Poverty Taskforce aims to end menstrual poverty by 2030 through various...

Yarl's wood

As Detention Becomes Common, Deportation Becomes Rare

The watchdog that oversees prison and detention centre conditions, Independent Monitoring Boards (IMBs), has reported multiple failings and human rights abuses in the Home Office’s so-called ‘removal’ facilities that are supposed to deport...