Immigration Cultural Economic

The Benefits of Immigration, both Economic and Cultural

Immigrants are frequently characterised as both a drain on the economy and culturally subversive.

The notion that they steal British jobs has become something of a cliché, yet so has the idea that they sponge off the welfare state. Such unfounded (and contradictory) assertions evidence the vendetta that exists against them. It is unjust and needs to change.

From forming a vital part of the NHS workforce to diversifying our dining scene, immigration has enriched our country in so many ways. With the media frequently proclaiming the supposed detrimental impact that migrants have on both the economy and society, we believe it is important for the truth to be accessible. The demonisation of migrants is harmful and designed to divide us. As a result, we have created this infographic which communicates the benefits of immigration, whilst correcting some of the untruths that are regularly circulated.

Written by
Cameron Boyle
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