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The Huddled Masses Yearning to Breathe Free: Trump’s America Doesn’t Care

Do you need immigration help or advice?

Do you need immigration help or advice?

Donald Trump, America’s humiliation, has been trying to waste his country’s military funds to finally build his hateful wall on the border that separates the US from Mexico.

Blocked by court, he’s still seeking ways to fulfil nonsensical promises to deport “millions” of individuals. Latest data suggests approximately 12,000 individuals have been deported in the last year with the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) reporting 5,702 family member deportations, a significant increase from late 2018.

A rare bit of good news: ICE have reported carrying out arrests in the US is becoming increasingly difficult due to ‘sanctuary cities’ refusing to assist them with locating vulnerable, desperate asylum seekers or unfortunate migrants who don’t have the required paperwork but fear the vicious hands of ICE and the Government, making it challenging for them to come forward.

Chicago is one such city and found itself unlucky enough to host the President in late October. Trump thanked his own citizens by insulting Chicago as “embarrassing to us [Americans] as a nation,” claiming “Afghanistan is a safe place by comparison.” Trump’s dislike of Chicago Chief Eddie Johnson is evident, stating the chief is putting “criminals and illegal aliens before the city of Chicago” and claiming he was “not doing his job”, referring to Chicago’s murder rates. Not tired with the sound of his own voice, Trump continued to claim illegality within the city was because of undocumented citizens. He said: “Get them the hell out of country and bring them home, let them take care of them. Countries love sending their worst to us. They don’t have to bother with them.”

America is not a hub for refugees or asylum seekers. Despite Western perceptions, both North American and European, our refugee and asylum seeking populations are much lower than imagined.

Two third of all refugees and asylum seekers live in North Africa and Western Asia (13.1 million) and sub-Saharan Africa (5.9 million). Southern Asia and Europe host around 3.6million refugees and asylum seekers, which means North America joins Oceania, Latin America and Central Asia sharing the last approximately 2.5million individuals.

Migrants in the US are shown nothing but callous disregard by their President.

In terms of undocumented migrants, so often this is a case of an individual accidentally overstaying their visa whether they didn’t realise the expiry date or feared the extreme hostility of the American administration, and fear kept them from obtaining new documents. These are not ‘the worst’, as Mr. Trump calls them, but terrified people with lives, careers, families, homes, friends, who are simply human, and are afraid of having their humanity denied so callously.

Trump, ICE and the American Government have not shown themselves to be compassionate, nurturing or understanding so it is little wonder undocumented people attempt to live in the shadows rather than go to them for help.

Trump’s rhetoric affects people of colour, documented or not. Anxiety regarding deportation of relatives or friends pervades communities, affecting people’s mental health and wellbeing.

Despite all this trauma, Trump and his supporters continue to show as he did in Chicago and as he does through using ICE as a weapon: they do not care.