What is the El Gordo Spanish Lottery?

El Gordo Spanish Lottery

Have you ever wondered what the El Gordo Spanish lottery is? If so, then our team is on hand today to help you find out a little more about the El Gordo lottery, how it started, and the lottery’s key role in the Spanish Christmas celebrations overall.

How The Spanish Celebrate Christmas

Christmas is a big deal for the Spanish, and with this in mind, there are numerous great celebrations, festivities, and traditions shared by the Spanish people. We’ve outlined several of the different Spanish holiday season traditions below to give you a clearer insight into the different festivities enjoyed by the Spanish people.

Father Christmas Doesn’t Deliver Presents to Nice Children in Spain!

One of the most surprising facts about Christmas in Spain for many people who live outside the country is that, on the whole, very few children believe in Father Christmas. Instead, most Spanish children’s presents are delivered to them by the Three Wise Men. As a further point of note, the Three Wise Men usually don’t arrive until the sixth of January – the Feast of the Epiphany.

However, in line with many other western countries these days, a growing number of Spanish families are teaching their little ones about Father Christmas rather than the three wise men. What’s more, many families still offer presents on Christmas Day itself.

Nativity Scenes

If you pay a visit to Spain during the holiday season, one of the key aspects that you will likely see is the nativity scenes. Indeed, while most Spanish families have only been putting Christmas trees up for around fifty years, nativity scenes are much more common, and with this in mind, it’s always worth looking out for them! 

Still, with that being said, the Spanish adore Christmas nativity scenes, so you probably won’t need to look too far to find great scenes to see. Stores, in particular, often display nativity scenes in their windows from the start of the festive season. 

Christmas Feasts

Another common Christmas tradition in Spain absolutely has to be the wide array of different Christmas treats available. Of these, the iconic Roscon de Reyes has to be one of the most incredible. This “King’s cake” is a staple of Christmas celebrations throughout the country, and there’s a particularly fun twist on the norm too. Indeed, the King’s cake is mixed with a small ceramic toy, and the lucky recipient of the toy in their slice of cake will enjoy good luck for the rest of the year! It’s undeniably a great celebration and one that is much adored throughout the country.

The El Gordo Lottery is a Tradition Every Year 

As well as the following celebrations and traditions we have mentioned, another example of the Spanish Christmas celebrations has to be the El Gordo lottery. It’s a unique Christmas lottery that is played by almost all Spanish residents and is undeniably a pivotal aspect of the Spanish Christmas traditions overall. 

What is the El Gordo Spanish Lottery? 

One of the more peculiar Christmas traditions in Spain has to be the El Gordo lottery – something that many people may not have heard about at all. The El Gordo Spanish Lottery means “the Fat One,” and the reasons for this are pretty apparent – the big prize money on offer!

Indeed, it’s not uncommon for lucky Spanish residents to win staggering sums of money on the El Gordo Lottery, with a total of €2.3 billion being handed out – and the top prize falling at €400,000. That’s no small sum of money!

Whether or not they usually engage with lotteries, it’s common for almost every Spanish person to purchase a ticket to the El Gordo lottery as part of the festivities. The winning tickets for the El Gordo Spanish lottery are announced on the morning of the 22nd on Live Television. 

Origins of the El Gordo Lottery 

How did the El Gordo lottery begin? Generally, we usually think of large, national lotteries with money-making goals overall when we think of lotteries. As such, it often comes as a surprise for people to learn that the El Gordo lottery is actually one of the world’s oldest lotteries, launched during King Charlos III’s reign in 1763 as a charitable lottery. Over the years, the lottery’s popularity has undeniably grown, with it now an annual tradition for the majority of Spanish residents to participate in.

How the El Gordo Lottery is Drawn

One of the unique features of the El Gordo lottery has to be the way that the lottery is drawn. Indeed, Spain doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to the El Gordo lottery, and as a further twist on the norm, a group of singing school children are often the ones to announce the winning numbers and total jackpot values. It’s certainly a unique alternative to the standard lottery procedure, and it’s done exclusively for the Christmas festivities.